This New York band consisted of US vocalist Jayne Bliss and Marseille musician Medor Mader.

Jayne Bliss wrote very personal lyrics. Mader played guitars and keyboards. He had collaborated with Hector Zazou on a number of projects (including the infamous La Perversita album).

Band Apart’s post-No Wave sound was different from anything else on Crammed. They released a self-titled mini-album (containing the cult track "Jaguar"), and an album entitled "Marseille". Their sound was very personal, incisive and eerie.


Unsung No Wave heroes' new video & vinyl reissue

Watch “Strainer”, a video edited from footage shot by the band in NY's Lower East Side around ’79-80

Back in 1981, as the Crammed label was still in its early infancy, one of the first bands to join our roster was French/American duet Band Apart, who appeared out of nowhere, dropped an incredible EP, and made a mark in the bubbling No Wave scene in New York & Europe during a meteoric course which lasted around two years. 

They consisted of poet Jayne Bliss and musician/producer (and Hector Zazou associate) M.Mader, and remain among the era’s unsung heroes.

We’re reissuing the EP coupled with 5 album tracks on vinyl, as well as their complete works on digital


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