Inspired by the Amazonian music craze that shares its name with the liquor favored by the Incas and still very popular throughout Peru, this new Brooklyn-based band are here to intoxicate you with their potent mixture of latin rhythms, surf music and psychedelic pop.
Chicha Libre draw their inspiration from... Chicha, a form of Peruvian music that emerged from the Amazon in the early '70s, loosely derived from Colombian accordion-driven cumbias but incorporating distinctive Andean melodies, some Cuban son and heady swirls of surf guitar, farfisa organ and moog synth. All in all, a sound which wouldn't seem out of place in the soundtrack of a Tarantino movie.

By combining covers of forgotten Chicha classics with French-tinged originals, re-interpretations of '70s pop classics (such as 'Popcorn' and Joe Dassin/Toto Cutugno's 1975 hit 'Indian Summer'), and subtly executed cumbia takes on pieces by Satie and Ravel, Chicha Libre meld elegant homage with playful humour and a sublime twist of the new - pushing their music way beyond mere pastiche and into strange, sun-blanched epiphany


CHICHA LIBRE : On tour + New EP !

Peruvian psychedelic pop warriors CHICHA LIBRE will perform their "intoxicating mix" of exotic sounds in Europe this coming week ! And they're bringing along with them the new, digital only, "Cuatro Tigres" EP!

Live Dates

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CHICHA LIBRE - Canibalismo
CHICHA LIBRE - Sonido Amazonico!
Sonido Amazonico!

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