"NekonoTopia NekonoMania (MTM Vol.29)"

(Remastered digital reissue)

Originally renowned as a sound engineer and producer (he’s collaborated with the likes of the Lounge Lizards, Arto Lindsay, John Zorn, Joe Jackson, David Sylvian, and has worked a lot with Ryuichi Sakamoto, including as an engineer on his soundtrack for Furyo (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence). He’s been working as a researcher and supervisor for high end audio technologies developed a.o. by Sony, Korg and Yamaha.

Seigen Ono is also a versatile and prolific musician and composer, who has recorded over fifteen albums of his own music, written soundtracks for theatre and dance companies (including Philippe Decouflé) and performed with his ensemble at numerous European festivals (including five appearances at Montreux Jazz). One of his successful albums was the two-volume Comme des Garçons album (1989), recorded as a soundtrack for fashion shows and featuring performances by various Lounge Lizards, Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Arto Lindsay and many more.
Many of Seigen’s albums came out on his own Saidera label.

NekonoTopia NekonoMania
was recorded by Seigen Ono between New York, Tokyo and Milan. Containing 66 minutes of music, it’s  a dreamy suite of pieces which float across the limit between jazz and ambient, mostly performed by Seigen, with a handful of guests (John Zorn, Evan Lurie, Bobby Previte et al).  The second part of the album consists of Berliner Nächte (‘Berlin Nights’), a totally hypnotic 4-part compositions for processed 12-string guitar.     


SEIGEN ONO - NekonoTopia NekonoMania (MTM Vol.29)
NekonoTopia NekonoMania (MTM Vol.29)
SEIGEN ONO - Nekonotopia Nekonomania
Nekonotopia Nekonomania