One of the 5 bands who joined forces to form the Kasai Allstars collective, Basokin ("the Basongye from Kinshasa") are from the Songye region, at the eastern fringe of Kasai.

Their frontman Mputu Ebondo 'Mi Amor' is a well-known spokesman for the Songye and Kasaian community.

Their only track as Basokin to come out on Crammed so far is "Mulume", included in the Congotronics 2 album ("Buzz'n'Rumble In The Urb'n'Jungle"), and described as follows in US online magazine Pop Matters: "Basokin is the sound of distortion zombies coming down the road to kill us all. It's relentless… wonderful…".

On that particular session, recorded at Porte Noire, in the Matonge district, Basokin was reduced to its essential components: three singers, two percussion players and two guitarists.


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