Crammed Discs is pleased to present “PELAO” The first full length recording by LA CHIVA GANTIVA.

“Pelao” (which equally means “kid”, “hairless”, or even "broke"), includes 11 titles, sung in Spanish, French, and sometimes in a strange mixture of the two languages. In addition to other subjects, the lyrics seek to deconstruct the clichés that circulate about Latin-American cultures.

The story of LA CHIVA GANTIVA starts in Brussels with a group of Colombian percussionists playing together, in order to feel closer to their homeland and its rich musical heritage. Pushed by a desire to assert their roots and reproduce Colombian rhythms of yesteryear, like less well known rhythms such as the champeta, the chirimia and the mapalé, LA CHIVA GANTIVA uses traditional Caribbean instruments such as la tambora, el alegre, el llamador and maracones. LA CHIVA GANTIVA does not stop there, they also incorporate instruments like the bass guitar, the clarinet and the saxophone which reflect the diverse influences of the group: Colombian (with the likes of Toto la Momposina, Lucho Bermudez and Petrona Martinez), Latin (Fania All Stars, Irakere), African (Fela Kuti and Tony Allen), Jazz (Lionel Hampton), Funk (the legendary James Brown) and Rock (Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine). The various influences are also reflected in the composition of the group. Aside from the three Columbians, the other members are respectively French, Flemish, Walloon, and Vietnamese.

The result of this cultural soundclash is a unique musical style and explosive on-stage energy, that has opened their path to many of biggest festivals throughout Europe.

“Pelao” is produced by Richard Blair, an English producer living in Colombia. In addition to his work as an engineer for Peter Gabriel ("Us" & "Blood of Eden") and Real World Recordings, Mr Blair is, with his project Sidestepper, one of the major players in the Colombian Digital Cumbia scene. The mutual sources of inspiration of the producer and the group and the irony of reverse immigrations (the Colombians in Brussels and the Englishman in Bogota), make for an ideal collaboration between musicians and producer.

La Chiva Gantiva continues to grow and to build upon its compelling and inspiring musical universe.


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