Rozzma is a fictional character, his only existence is on stage, videos and space.

Rozzma was lost in time and space 7000 years ago and has now returned to earth to find that King Tutankhamoun's mask, which during his time on earth was the greatest work of art and engineering, is now devalued to one pound coins that have been recently devalued to 40% less of their actual worth. For Rozzma, coming back to Earth and especially to Egypt is a bit of an awkward situation since the last time he was on Earth, Egypt was the most advanced civilisation on the face of the planet. In a desperate attempt to trace origin, Rozzma strips away the Tutankhamoun print from the one pound coin, trying to find proof for the existence of an era to which modern science, technology and engineering owe their existence.

Rozzma's story is titled "Donya Fakka". Donya means world and “Fakka" has a double meaning of either spare change or loose/disassembled. It revolves around the attempt of tracing origin through destruction and the transformation of origin and reality within the process.
-Rozzma, Cairo, October 2017


Rozzma's 'Donya Fakka' EP

Straight from Cairo, a futuristic debut on Acid Arab's new imprint

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