A loose London collective centred around Martin Harrison (aka Frederix), who also worked with Family Fodder and with Adrian Sherwood, and who later became Aswad’s sound engineer, the People In Control's single "When It's War" was one of the first three releases on Crammed (alongside Family Fodder's "Savoir Faire" single and the re-issue of Aksak Maboul's "Onze Danses"). It came out in Jan. 1981. The three tracks also featured two percussionists from the Cameroon and guitarist Charles Bullen, from the then-influential band This Heat (he would much later record an album for Crammed subsidiary Language, under the Circadian Rhythms moniker).

The single was mixed by Martin Frederix in a kitchen in Brussels (see pic).

"When It's War" is currently only available as part of the Crammed Global Soundclash compilation (on vol.1)



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