1. Sereia, Amor d'Agua (Suba + Cibelle)
2. Futuro Primitivo 1 (Suba + João Parahyba)
4. Segredo (Boyz From Brazil Remake)
5. Tantos Desejos (Modern Quartet Mix)
6. Nightly Sins (Suba + João Parahyba)
7. Futuro Primitivo 2 (Suba + João Parahyba)

Serbian-born musician/composer SUBA was about to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers when he tragically passed away in November 1999.

Suba left us just a few days after the release of his now-legendary album "São Paulo Confessions" (probably the most inspired album of electronic music to have come out of Brazil), and shortly before the completion of Bebel Gilberto's "Tanto Tempo" album, which was graced by his outstanding production work.

Suba's label Ziriguiboom alongside his closest musical associates (vocalists Cibelle, Taciana, Katia B and percussionist João Parahyba) have prepared this tribute album which comprises new tracks, posthumous collaborations, remixes and live recordings.

In the few months which preceded and followed the release of São Paulo Confessions, we had commissioned remixes of a couple of the album's tracks: Você Gosta (by Phil Asher) and Felicidade (by Buscemi, The Funky Lowlives and Juryman aka Ian Simmonds), which were released on vinyl only.

Apart from these two songs, the original recordings of the album had disappeared in the fire which destroyed Suba's studio and took his life. When we later asked English producers Zero dB and Bigga Bush to work on remixing Samba do Gringo Paulista, we had no option but to ask them to sample straight from the album. Their works are therefore homages rather than remixes, as they have created entirely new tracks which were inspired by (and not derived from) the original song.

João Parahyba, along with Cibelle, was another of Suba's close musical associates, performing all the percussion parts on SP Confessions. JP has created a homage to Suba entitled Nightly Sins, which includes some elements taken from Pecados da Madrugada (João is also one of the members of legendary 70's samba soul group Trio Mocotó).

We knew that up-and-coming Brazilian producer BiD (who worked a.o. with Chico Science) had been collaborating with Suba, and was in possession of elements of a track they had started together. We put BiD in touch with singer Kátia B (who also appeared on SP Confessions), and together they turned this unfinished Suba/BiD collaboration into a wonderful new song entitled Are You Sleeping?

Taciana Barros co-wrote songs with Suba, and is the vocalist on Você Gosta. She collaborated with rising São Paulo producer Apollo 9 (who worked on both Otto albums) to create a new track entitled Na Neblina dos Sonhos, which includes a section of Suba's Na Neblina.

Suba had just produced an album by Brazilian star Marina Lima. The two of them had been working on a track entitled Lagoa Pinheiros, which was meant to be included in SP Confessions, but wasn't finished on time. Marina has now completed the track with the help of Apollo 9.

Tributo is rounded off by the inclusion of Futuro Primitivo 1, 2 &3, three excerpts from a series of concerts held in Rio in 1996 by João Parahyba and Suba, during which João's percussion playing was instantly processed by Suba. The result is a futuristic/primitive mixture of traditional drumming and wild electronics. Suba loved these recordings, and was intending to open each concert on his then-planned "São Paulo Confessions" international tour with such a duet set.


SUBA - Tributo
SUBA - São Paulo Confessions
São Paulo Confessions
SUBA - Samba Do Gringo Paulista
Samba Do Gringo Paulista
SUBA - Felicidade