1. Na Mangueira
2. Duele Le Le
3. Mayfly
4. Love Is Queen Omega
5. Nhá
6. Vivente
7. Whaa !

Whaa! is the third and clearly most accomplished album by Zuco 103, the Brazilian/European band who, ever since their debut in late '99, have positioned themselves at the vanguard of the new world / electronic fusion movement.

Since the release of their best-selling album Tales Of High Fever in 2002, Zuco 103 (aka Rio-born singer / lyricist Lilian Vieira, Amsterdam-born drummer / composer Stuv aka S.Kruger, and Munich-born keyboardist / composer Stefan Schmid) have been touring around the world, setting audiences in fire with their brilliant mix of live+electronic rhythms, fronted by Lilian’s extraordinary voice and presence. Along the way, they picked up many new musical ideas which contributed to enrich their multicultural blend. To the now-familiar jazz, Brazilian and electronic components of their music, Zuco 103 have added Afro-Cuban, Ethiopian, West-African and dub spicings, which makes Whaa! a potent, organic and delicious brew.

Among the most oustanding tracks on Whaa! are Love Is Queen Omega and  It’s A Woman’s World (in which dub/reggae legendary pioneer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry makes inspired, irresistible -and rare- appearances),  Duele Le Le (a very catchy song featuring a duet between Lilian Vieira and Dani Macaco, the lead singer with popular Spanish world fusion band Macaco), Futebol (a soccer anthem composed during the 2004 European Cup), the title track Whaa! with its irresistible groove, Nhá (a song about the modern-day covert perpetuation of slavery, featuring bossa nova hero Roberto Menescal on guitar)... As a matter of fact, it’s hard not to also mention songs like Na Mangueira (a smoking tribute to the famous Rio samba school), Mayfly (with its driving afro-jazz rhythm and uplifting chorus), the magnificent ballad Vivente, Garganteiro (a lovers’ quarrel set to an electro-Nordestino jam), Conscience (its mesmerizing whispered voice and Detroit-like harmonies) ...

... without forgetting  Javé (featuring Zoumana Diarra’s kora and Minyeshu’s backing vocals) & Vou Levar (and its guitar-drive chorus), as each and every single track on this album is literally brimming with sonic, melodic and rhythmic ideas...

The first single to be extracted from the album is It’s A Woman’s World, which will be illustrated by a video featuring Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry performing alongside Zuco 103.


ZUCO 103 - Whaa!
ZUCO 103
ZUCO 103 - One Down, One Up
ZUCO 103
One Down, One Up
ZUCO 103 - Tales Of High Fever
ZUCO 103
Tales Of High Fever
ZUCO 103 - The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)
ZUCO 103
The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)