"Man From Mars"
Digital EP
1. Man From Mars
2. Man From Mars (Black Cracker Remix)
3. Man From Mars (Gay Mormon Kissing Club Remix)
4. Man From Mars (Rikslyd's Tea Time Remake)

In conjunction with the release of her technicolour tropical-punk-cabaret show of an album 'Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel', Cibelle presents 'Man From Mars', an interstellar love story that propels us into space with its glitchy electronics and squelchy bass wobble. In Cibelle's words, 'Man From Mars is “a story about a Martian guy observing me from another dimension. He’s very charming and brings me some nice goods, but I only agree to go with him if he can prove to me that he can dance”.

Complementing the original are three remixes, all of which, in an unusual touch, add extra vocals to the party: Brooklyn's BLACK CRACKER (member of sleazy hip hop duo Bunny Rabbit and CocoRosie collaborator) takes us from Mars to Miami with his wonky old-skool electro rework, Berlin DJ GAY MORMON KISSING CLUB asks "Can You Dance?" during a brief and dark encounter at a gothic rave, while Norwegian artist-cum-rising electronic producer RIKSLYD's 'Tea Time' remix is threaded by a bright piano refrain, as her chatty vocals weave in and out of the original's spacier elements.

Watch the "Man From Mars (UFO Transmission From Outer Space)" video


CIBELLE - Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel
Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel
CIBELLE - The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves
The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves
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CIBELLE - Man From Mars
Man From Mars