"Internal Clock"
1. Undercurrents
2. AEA
3. Cymbophone
4. The Daily Ground
5. Belltree
6. Pure
7. Timeslice

From the original press release for this excellent and highly underrated electro/jazz album by Circadian Rhythms (aka This Heat's Charles Bullen):

If the terms "future jazz" or "electronic jazz" have any meaning at all, they should certainly be applied to the exceptional debut album by Circadian Rhythms, which will put this band right up there alongside nu digital jazzmen such as Ian O'Brien, 4 Hero, Carl Craig, Juryman & Spacer or As One. Circadian Rhythms is the brainchild of Charles Bullen, who used to be one-third of highly influential early 80s band This Heat. Here's what The Wire recently wrote about them: "This Heat were one of the most exciting bands that ever existed, just totally brilliant... they integrated tapes and live music in a way that no one else ever did before. They were using analogue sampling before digital sampling was available".

Although their releases have been rare, there was a sort of underground cult going on around Circadian Rhythms: they got repeatedly namechecked by Black Dog, Aphex Twin and Mixmaster Morris, and the 'AEA' track (which came out on the inaugural Language 12" sampler 2 years ago) generated great comments in the press: "At last, a legal release for this legend of the London underground. Inspirational electronica for those in the know" (i-D); "Circadian Rhythms carry digital jazz to a different plane" (Melody Maker); "Futuristic" (Vibrations).

Fueled by Charles Bullen's expertise in unusual production techniques and by his love for African music and reggae, the music of Circadian Rhythms is an open and intricate mixture of polyrhythms, keyboards and electronics, spiced up with live instruments such as guitars, percussion and horns (saxes, flutes and trombone).At times it might be described as a post-techno, post-d'n'b version of early-70's spaced-out Latin/African-tinged jazz excursions (Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane, Strata East Records), but most of the time it simply sounds like nothing else...For 'Internal Clock' Charles Bullen has enlisted a series of collaborators, including Gwen J. (who DJ'd with Coldcut), and Jean-Dominique Nkishi (who plays flute on the album, but was also the drummer with Mouse On Mars).


Internal Clock