Le Jour d’après (Indépendance Cha-Cha) - with Royce Mbumba

A new take on the African independence anthem written in 1960 by Joseph "Grand Kallé" Kabasele and Nicolas "Dr. Nico" Kassanda, featuring the late Wendo Kolosoy’s backing band.
Karibu Ya Bintou - with Konono N°1

Shot in the streets of Kinshasa, DRC, Karibu Ya Bintou ("Welcome to Life in Limbo") is a short film with music from the album 'Kinshasa Succursale' by Baloji. The likembés are played by the legendary Konono N°1.
Le Jour d'apres Live on MTV Iggy

Reworking the classic anthem, Congo-Belgium rapper Baloji mingles the past and the present, capturing the timeless spirit of the track, in our exclusive performance video shot in Brooklyn, NY.
Exclusive Interview on MTV Iggy

Find out how Congolese-Belgian hip hop artist Baloji synthesizes his transcontinental influences, why African music is a lot like punk rock, and all about his mom in this exclusive live video from MTV Iggy..

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