Presenting a brand new, totally unique musical proposition: HOQUETS are an international musical trio who play instruments, also named "hoquets",  personally assembled by hand from wooden boards, broken strings, tin cans and other cast away materials in their workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

Named in reference to both "hockets" (the technique used in Western medieval music, Africa, Bali and elsewhere of sharing a melody line between several voices or instruments) and "hoquets" (pronounced "OK", and the French word for "hiccoughs"), the band make music that's overflowing with energy, heavily ...


HOQUETS find a home at Crammed Discs

From the wood shop to the record store, Crammed welcomes Hoquets to the label !

From their workshop in Brussels, Belgium,  we are proud to introduce you to HOQUETS.  Strongly influenced by our Congotronics groups and their instruments made out of recuperated materials, the members of HOQUETS use a similar attitude: this trio exclusively play with instruments that they invent & construct out of wooden boards, broken strings, tin cans, etc. They play music which is at times strange, overflowing with energy, and like no other: inspired by indie pop, punk, funk & their use of unusual instruments, this music is both without precedent & strangely familiar at the same time.

Their debut album is scheduled to be released early this April. 

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