Consisting of Ghanaian-Swiss vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and producer & musician Lleluja-Ha, incomparable Berlin-based duet OY are about to release "Space Diaspora", their 3rd album.

OY was conceived by Joy in 2010. After an initlal solo release, she joined forces with Lleluja-ha, and the fruitful combination of Joy's anarchic spirit and Lleluja’s focused arrangements opened new possibilities, and led to the "No Problem Saloon" album, which used a series of field recordings and proverbs collected during a trip to Africa as building blocks to create a highly-original piece of work, ...


Watch OY's latest, trippy video

"Space Diaspora" was directed by Moritz Reichartz

Exciting Berlin-based Swiss/Ghanaian band OY release album & video

Their "Market Place" music video is out now...

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