Consisting of Ghanaian-Swiss vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and producer & musician Lleluja-Ha, incomparable Berlin-based duet OY are about to release "Space Diaspora", their 3rd album.

OY was conceived by Joy in 2010. After an initlal solo release, she joined forces with Lleluja-ha, and the fruitful combination of Joy's anarchic spirit and Lleluja’s focused arrangements opened new possibilities, and led to the "No Problem Saloon" album, which used a series of field recordings and proverbs collected during a trip to Africa as building blocks to create a highly-original piece of work, ...


Exciting Berlin-based Swiss/Ghanaian band OY release album & video

Their "Market Place" music video is out now...

… and their "No Problem Saloon" album comes out on March 24. A collection of colourful songs weaving OY's own strains of electronica, whirling drums and captivating & humorous storytelling, laced with distinctly African musical and lyrical elements, "No Problem Saloon" is driven by Joy's soulful, melodic and arrestingly versatile voice.
"A bit of an undiscovered treasure is OY: a Swiss/Ghanaian band with toy-littered live shows and a unique brand of quirky Afropop. Intriguing lyrics, too." (Clash Magazine, UK)

OY will be touring across Europe this Spring, including a date at The Great Escape in Brighton on May 9

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