With only 2 albums released since 1998, the reclusive Portuguese singer, composer, guitarist and poet has achieved a rare feat: gathering a stream of devoted followers worldwide, a kind of international secret society whose ranks grow with each of her too rare appearances

Lula Pena follows her own rules, not only in her career but in her very music. Her voice is haunting and moving, her guitar style unique, her approach deeply emotional yet also conceptual. She has a quasi-shamanic way of becoming one with her instrument when performing these long, rambling pieces, during which wood, string, words, human body, breath and voice all merge ...


New video by Lula Pena

"Archivo Pittoresco" released on January 27th. Here is one of the songs, in a new video beautifully directed by Catarina LimĂŁo.

We're very happy to announce Lula Pena's new album Archivo Pittoresco will be released on January 27th.

Pes Mou Mia Lexi was written by illustrious Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis: "The title means Give me the Word. I adopted it a few years ago, when Greece was the first EU country to experience economic collapse, and so we were all Greek, in a lexical world.” Lula Pena.

Archivo Pittoresco
wonderfully reflects Lula Pena’s inspired wandering: the album’s thirteen tracks often flow seamlessly into one another, as she sings (in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Greek, Italian) lyrics and poems by writers as diverse as Violeta Parra, herself or the Belgian surrealist Scutenaire, among others...

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LULA PENA - Archivo Pittoresco
Archivo Pittoresco
LULA PENA - Come wander with LULA PENA
Come wander with LULA PENA

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