Angolan born, Lisbon raised Pedro Coquenão (aka Batida) is  referred to as a game changer on the Afro-Electronic scene. Released on Crammed Discs in Oct 2022, 'Neon Colonialismo' is his first personal album since 2014. Between then and now,  he completed a long international tour, recorded an album with the legendary Konono No.1, presented the performance “The Almost Perfect Dj”, exhibited his biggest installation yet at Africa 2020, in France, staged the musical IKOQWE, as part of his “Alojamento Artístico Local” at Casa Independente, released the album “The Beginning, The Medium, The End and The Infinite” by IKOQWE (his ...


Batida - “Bom Bom” feat. Mayra Andrade

This single and music video announce the return of Batida (aka Pedro Coquenão), who feels that “Bom Bom” is his most personal song to date.

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