Mocky (real name Dominic Giancarlo Salole) is a Canadian–born musician with a reputation for eclectic songs, humour and blending musical depth with a pop sensibility. Although he is mostly known for his pop and electronic albums and wildy entertaining live shows he is also a multi-instrumentalist, drummer, producer and songwriter. He is widely renowned for his collaborations with Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, Feist, Peaches, Taylor Savvy, Kevin Blechdom and Puppetmastaz.


Mocky began playing music at age 7, when he would watch music videos of the eighties and then go and imitate what he saw on his older brother’s drumset during ...


Get free downloads of 2 exclusive new tracks by Mocky and Gonzales!

Over the holiday season, Gonzales and Mocky went into the studio and cooked up two new versions of "Guiding Light", that little gem from the  "Saskamodie" album.

They are:
"Guiding Light" - Mocky/Gonzales Duo Version
"Guiding Light " - Gonzales Solo Piano Version

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In other Mocky news:

The MOCKUMENTARY PART II is finally here!

This time, beautiful psycho-musicologist Pheline Roggan (currently appearing in Fatih Akin's new movie "Soul Kitchen") is searching for explanations: how can Mocky be able to exist in so many musical universes -  from collaborating with GZA and Alejandro Jodorowsky to joining Riverdance? 
After the irresistible "Mockumentary I" (deserving of some sort of prize, if there's anything like a Grammy for best online EPK, according to Pitchfork), watch "Mockumentary II" HERE

MOCKY joins FEIST as musical director for 2 shows at the WINTER OLYMPICS!

 Get your skis and skates: we are going to the Winter Olympics! And don´t forget your drumsticks! Mocky and Feist are preparing a special show for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver! They'll be performing on Feb. 16 and 17, with special guests (from members of The Hidden Cameras to The Great Lake Swimmers and more!) plus a choir with percussion capes?!... and of course Mocky on drums...

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MOCKY - Birds of a Feather (feat. GZA)
Birds of a Feather (feat. GZA)
MOCKY - Guiding Light
Guiding Light
MOCKY - Saskamodie

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