"I Don't Like Music (remixes By 16:b, Shake, Ian O'brien...)"

The electronic disco pop tracks produced by legendary Belgian band Telex between the late 70's and the mid-80's have influenced numerous producers of house and techno, especially in the States. Through their exclusive use of synths/vocoders and their stripped-down beats, Telex rank among the forerunners of dance music as we know it today. Tracks such as 'Moskow Diskow' have been genuine dancefloor and radio hits when they came out, both in Europe and in the USA, and seem as relevant as ever in '98.

SSR and Detroit label Planet E have joined forces to generate an album of Telex remixes which features the cream of today's house/electroproducers,
including Glenn Underground, Planet E boss Carl Craig, 16B, Shake, I:Cube, Dr Rockit, Ian O'Brien, Buckfunk 3000, Pulsinger/Tunakan, Jay Denham, 20/20 Vision, Auto Repeat, Pizzicato 5's Yasuharu Konishi and more.

The album comes out in two separate formats:
the CD, and a double LP with 8 tracks.

The first 12" features Carl Craig and Jay Denham remixes of Telex classic 'Moskow Diskow'. The CD single features Carl Craig's remix plus the original 1978 track in a 'rejuvenated' version.
A second 12" features remixes of 'I Don't Like Music' by Stacey Pullen and of 'Raised By Snakes' by Maurice Fulton.

SSR are also releasing a compilation CD entitled "I Don't Like Remixes" featuring 20 original Telex classics. DJs and vinyl collectors should look out for a limited-edition LP with 6 songs : "Moskow Diskow", "Rock Around The Clock", "Raised By Snakes", "Brainwash", "Peanuts" and a rare version of "I Don't Like Music" which had only ever appeared as the B-side of a 7" single.


TELEX - I (still) Don't Like Music (remixes Vol.2)
I (still) Don't Like Music (remixes Vol.2)
TELEX - I Don't Like Music (remixes By 16:b, Shake, Ian O'brien...)
I Don't Like Music (remixes By 16:b, Shake, Ian O'brien...)