"Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!!"
1. Beleza, Beleza, Beleza
2. Dingue Li Bangue
3. Coqueiro Verde
4. Marinella
5. De Hoje Nao Passa
6. Replay
7. Lirio Para Xango

Considered by many as the "Fathers of Samba Soul", legendary veteran Brazilian band Trio Mocotó have made a remarkable comeback : they reformed in 2001 after an absence of over twenty years and unleashed the joyful 'Samba Rock' album , which gained them a whole new generation of fans around the globe.

The Trio returned in 2004 with an even stronger, funkier and groovier album: "Beleza ! Beleza !! Beleza !!!",  recorded in São Paulo by the band's revised line-up featuring original members João Parahyba & Nereu Gargalo and a new vocalist/guitarist, the exciting Skowa (see mini biog below).

The album also features guest appearances by Zuco 103, Wilson Simoninha, Max de Castro, Apollo 9, and comedian Beto Hora playing the part of the sports radio commentator in "Replay", a football anthem dug out from the archives by the Trio. Incidentally, around half of the songs on the album are new versions of classics, while the other half are brand-new compositions by the Trio members.

"Beleza !! Beleza !! Beleza !!!" was recorded at São Paulo's Dub Studios. "Beleza!" means "beauty", anyone who attended one of the band's concerts knows that this is one of Nereu's favourite catchphrases... The album was coproduced by João Parahyba and Maurício Tagliari (who produced the "Samba Rock" album).

"Beleza ! Beleza !! Beleza !!!": the perfect party soundtrack, guaranteed to make everyone smile, jump and dance...

Skowa is: an unconditional fan & a true representative of the Trio's next generation, Skowa has always been involved in performing and producing fun and groovy music, his touch matches the Mocotó sound like a glove. A professional musician since 1975, an arranger since 1985, Skowa has worked extensively in all areas of show business (records, concerts, theater, radio and TV). In the '70s Skowa played with such groups as Premeditando O Breque and Xôro Rôxo. In the '80s he performed with Itamar Assumpção, the seminal new wave band Gang 90, and was a founding member of the bands Sossega Leão (first Brazilian Salsa band that originated today's Heartbreakers) as well as his own group Skowa e a Máfia. In the '90s Skowa concentrated on his work as a producer in albums for the Heartbreakers, TV Colosso, Thaíde & DJ Hum, and Jorge Benjor (the album Música Para Tocar No Elevador), as well as founding the Grêmio Recreativo Amigos do Samba Rock Funk & Soul. Skowa has also worked as the artistic director for the MP3 Clube, one of Brazil's first MP3 sites online, helping to create several new laws and regulations for the new media.


TRIO MOCOTO - Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!!
Beleza! Beleza!! Beleza!!!
TRIO MOCOTO - Samba Rock
Samba Rock