"Bebel Gilberto Remixed"
2. Simplesmente (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
3. O Caminho (Guy Sigsworth Mix)
4. Aganjú (Latin Project Mix)
5. Winter (Nuspirit Helsinki Reinterpretation)
6. Baby (Uptown Safari Jazz Mix by Yam Who?)
7. All Around (Telefon Tel Aviv Mix)

All the (predominantly acoustic) tracks from Bebel’s eponymously-titled second album were given new interpretations by a great line up of dance, hip hop and electronica remixers including DJ Spinna, Thievery Corporation, Yam Who?, Nuspirit Helsinki, Tom Middleton, Spiritual South, Telefon Tel Aviv, Guy Sigsworth, and more

From the original press release:

While several of these remixes are definitely very dancefloor-friendly, Bebel Gilberto Remixed is first and foremost aimed at providing a great home listening experience, and offers an alternative way of discovering the already-classic songs from Bebel's second album.

More About The Tracks & The Remixers

1. Céu Distante remixed by DJ Spinna
One of the most original and eclectic figures to come out of the US underground hip hop scene, DJ Spinna has done remixes for Michael Jackson, Mary J.Blige, Ronny Jordan, Mos Def, Zero 7, George Michael and De La Soul. He's released albums under his name and as part of his Jigmastas crew. Spinna's rendition of Bebel & Pascal Gabriel's song transforms it into a super laid-back jazzy hip hop jam.

2. Simplesmente remixed by Tom Middleton
An uplifting remix by the man who helped shape dancefloor techno (with Reload) and ambient techno (with Global Communication) in the early '90s, and then went on to spark off the electro revival with the Jedi Knights (who influenced everyone from The Prodigy & The Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk). Tom Middleton has recently put out a string of successful dancefloor tracks & mixes under his Cosmos alias. This remix features additional Rhodes piano by Tom 'Shur-I-Kan' Szirtes.

3. O Caminho remixed by Guy Sigsworth
Guy has written and produced tracks for Seal, Bomb The Bass, Lamb, Talvin Singh, and Madonna. He's also produced songs for Björk, and served as her musical director. His own project with vocalist Imogen Heap is called Frou Frou. He co-wrote and produced 'Cada Beijo', one of the outstanding tracks on the 'Bebel Gilberto' album (remixed in this set by Thievery Corporation), and has produced here a beautiful, cinematic new version of "O Caminho".

4. Aganjú remixed by Latin Project
This summery, smile-on-your-face version of Aganjú has already been requested for inclusion in several compilations. Latin project are Jez Colin and Matt Cooper, two British musicians/producers who have worked with acid jazz greats like Incognito, Solsonics and D*Note. They moved to the U.S., formed the Latin Project and released their "Nueva Musica" album, a combination of electronic dance beats and Latin rhythms.

5. Winter remixed by Nuspirit Helsinki
This multi-talented Finnish collective of DJs, producers and musicians have used a team of 7 musicians (including a string quartet) to create and record this new arrangement of Bebel's "Winter". NSH have done remixes/production work for Yoko Ono, Astor Piazzola Nicola Conte, and have ascended to the forefront of the European neo-jazz scene on the strength of their productions for Jazzanova/Compost, Guidance and Ubiquity.

6. Baby remixed by Yam Who?
Beside their daily occupation behind the counter of Reckless (the famous Soho record shop), Andy Williams and Desmond Morgan aka Little Rico form an almighty pair of hot producers and remixers, and have done reworks of tracks by Raphael Saadiq, Little Brother, Allison Crockett, Nas, Pharell Williams and Zero 7. Their off-the-wall rendering of Bebel's "Baby" features keyboard and guitar playing by '80s new wave/funk hero Chaz Jankel (who used to be part of Ian Dury & The Blockheads).

7. All Around remixed by Telefon Tel Aviv
With their latest album, New Orleans-based band Telefon Tel Aviv have earned themselves a reputation by hovering between textural, ambient electronica, song structures and classical instrumentation. They first reached a wider audience by remixing Nine Inch Nails. Their subtle remix of All Around features interesting harmonies and additional guitars.

8. Cada Beijo remixed by Thievery Corporation
There's no need to introduce Thievery Corporation, major purveyors of quality downtempo music, who have just released their 4th album, and who have already collaborated a couple of times with Bebel (she sang and co-wrote a track on one of their earlier albums, they produced and co-wrote "Lonely" on Bebel's 'Tanto Tempo').

9. Jabuticaba remixed by Stuhr
A pleasant and relaxed rework of the Bebel Gilberto/Carlinhos Brown tune, by up and coming U.S. mixers Stuhr have done remixes for Tito Rodriguez, for the upcoming solo album by The Cranberries' Noel Hogan, and for Patti Labelle and Kay Starr, among others.

10. Aganjú remixed by Spiritual South
One of the most highly-rated production/remix teams in the UK, Spiritual South have been releasing their Latin/house/funk/break bombs on labels such as Afro Art and Ubiquity. Their 'Sub Rub' mix of Aganjú sounds like a brisk walk through a dark yet humorous electronic alley... while their (totally different) 'Bontempi Repercussion' remix, which is included in the limited-edition bonus disc, is much more typical of their usual percussive & festive style.

11. Next To You remixed by Steve Hillier
Producer/songwriter Steve Hillier was the main creative force behind the alternative pop band Dubstar, who have had a string of top 40 hits and two gold albums in the UK. Steve has remixed tracks for Dubstar, Heaven 17, Hooverphonic, Billy Bragg and Backyard Dog, amongst many others. His sometimes quasi-psychedelic rendition of "Next To You" manages to be even more dreamy than the original.

12. Every Day You've Been Away remixed by Monoaural
... aka Berna Ceppas and Kassin, a young producer from Rio de Janeiro who has worked with the likes of Lenine, Marisa Monte, Arto Lindsay and Caetano Veloso and who, together with Moreno Veloso and Domenico, forms the acclaimed "+2" trio, who have released two interesting and charming albums (as "Moreno +2" and "Domenico +2"). This whimsical, mad remix features João Donato's son Donatinho on keyboards.

13. River Song remixed by Grant Nelson
Already a dancefloor favourite, the album's energizing finale is a crafty and exciting remix courtesy of Grant Nelson, a man who has produced some of the most club-friendly techno, house and UK garage records (a.o. under his Bump&Flex moniker) in Britain, runs his Swing City label, and has remixed everyone from Thelma Houston, Roy Ayers and Evelyn 'Champagne' King to Mousse T and Jodeci.


BEBEL GILBERTO - Bebel Gilberto Remixed
Bebel Gilberto Remixed
BEBEL GILBERTO - Bebel Gilberto
Bebel Gilberto
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