"Lunga Notte"
1. Lovely Lady Of The Roses
2. Moi J'aime Berlioz
3. Le Renard Argenté
4. Ling
5. Aux Bains Municipaux

The only release by the short-lived Brussels band, this mini-album came out in 1982. Side A was recorded by Eric Faes at the Hennuyeres Studio in Belgium, while side 2 was produced by Alig (of Family Fodder fame) at Elephant Studio in London.

Des Airs consisted of Bob Vanderbob (sax, guitar, bass, vocals), Catherine Jauniaux (vocals), Fanchon Nuyens (bass, vocals, percussion) and Stephane Karo (drums), four people who were closely involved with Crammed, at the time and later on (see artist page).

Of the five tracks included in "Lunga Notte", only "Lovely Lady Of The Roses" (a cover of a song written by British comedians Dudley Moore and Peter Cook) is currently available, as part of the Crammed Global Soundclash compilation. The mini-album will soon be released digitally.