"Congotronics vs Rockers"

An exceptional tour by a collaborative ensemble featuring Konono N°1, Deerhoof, Juana Molina, Kasai Allstars, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Skeletons

The music created by Congolese bands Konono N°1 and Kasai Allstars (collectively known as ‘Congotronics’) has been enthusiastically acclaimed by everyone in the indie rock scene, from artists to fans to media. Released at the end of 2010, the epic double-album entitled Tradi-Mods vs Rockers: Alternative Takes on Congotronics was a collective tribute by 26 rock and electronic artists, who came up with their own, creative interpretations of the Congotronics bands’ music.

The logical next step in this transcontinental encounter: this spring & summer of 2011, a special collaborative ensemble consisting of ten Congolese and ten indie rock musicians got together to create an common, entirely fresh repertoire, building bridges between their respective worlds, for what proved to be one of the most spectacular musical events of 2011.

Appearing under the name CONGOTRONICS vs ROCKERS, the ensemble features Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars, mighty US band Deerhoof, unique Argentinian artist Juana Molina, up-and-coming Swedish duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, and  inventive Brooklyn band Skeletons (represented by their leader Matt Mehlan), plus (on 4 dates) special guest Hoquets and their amazing DIY instruments: 20 musicians in total, all performing together.

This special tour included selected at major festivals & venues around Europe and Japan:

May 12: Opening night of the Nuits Botaniques Festival, Cirque Royal, Brussels (Belgium)
May 14: Madrid (Spain)

June 26: Couleur Café Festival, Brussels (Belgium)
June 30: Le Guess Who at Tivoli, Utrecht (Netherlands)
July 2: Roskilde Festival (Denmark)
July 3: HKW, Berlin (Germany)
July 6: Metz (France)
July 9: Café de la Danse, Paris (France)
July 12: The Barbican, London (UK)    
July 14: Benicassim Festival (Spain)
July 17: Vieilles Charrues Festival, Carhaix (France)
July 21: Paleo Festival, Nyon (Switzerland)
July 23: FMM Festival, Sines (Portugal)
July 30: Fuji Rock Festival (Japan) 
Aug 1: Club Quattro, Tokyo (Japan)

Crammed Discs turned 30 in 2011. The label celebrated its anniversary in style with this new project, which is aptly emblematic of Crammed’s adventures during the last three decades.



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Congotronics vs Rockers