"The Tide EP"
10" vinyl
1. The Tide
2. The Bed We Made
3. Bones
4. The Tide (OZAN #stillmiami remix)
5. Bones (William Serfass remix)
6. The Tide (Giuliano Gius Cobelli remix)

To herald the arrival of her upcoming new album “You’re The Waves” (out on Sept 25), Maïa Vidal presents “The Tide EP” a 10" vinyl.

The EP contains three beautiful new tracks from the forthcoming album, as well as three distinctive remixes, including a radio version by Oscar and The Wolf member and co-producer Ozan Bozdag.

“The Tide” (the song) ignited the creative process which led Maïa to write and produce this brilliant electronic pop album. “I had just realized I was falling in love with someone, someone who wasn’t my boyfriend. It was the first time that falling like that in a relationship had happened to me, and I felt like I had my feet pulled out from under me, like nothing made sense and everything was crystal clear too”, Maïa confides. “I didn’t feel like I had a choice really, like I’d just been wrenched out of my oblivious little reality by it, shaken out of sleep and put on this path that I wasn’t going to be able to come back from... The moon also figured in heavily to the whole destined and cataclysmic moment, full moon on a thick night, so when I realised it was something so natural and also violent, the tide became the metaphor. It was my first experimentation with beats too and that colour, that soundscape ended up shaping the whole rest of the album.”

The song is illustrated by a compelling video, which recreates and lets us share the emotional state she was in when she wrote the song. Co-directed by Maïa, along with her close friends Minka and Hayden, she says: “my jaw dropped. The imagery, the atmosphere, was so exactly what I had imagined but like, ridiculously so, as if Minka and Hayden tapped into my dreams or something.”

The Tide video was premiered in May on VICE US

About the tracks : 

The Tide, The Bed We Made and Bones were all produced by Maïa Vidal, and finalized/mixed with Van Rivers.

The Tide (OZAN #stillmiami remix) is a remix by Ozan Bozdag, the bass player and programmer in Belgian band Oscar and the Wolf. He co-produced their hit debut album “Entity”.

Bones (William Serfass remix)
is a rework by  London-based musician/producer William Serfass, known for his Roscius project and as 1/3 of indie pop band We Are Evergreen.

The Tide (Giuliano Gius Cobelli remix), a remix by the Barcelona-based Italian musician/producer who has co-produced Maïa Vidal’s first two albums.


MAïA VIDAL - God Is My Bike
God Is My Bike
MAïA VIDAL - The Tide EP
The Tide EP
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MAïA VIDAL - You're The Waves
You're The Waves