"Wrong X"

The debut album by the Roman duo who have created quite a lot of damage... BIO MUSE produced some of the most challenging music heard in a long time: extreme yet sophisticated, with sublime melodies sometimes emerging behind slabs of rhythmic racket... file between techno and industrial rock.

"This isn't for the faint-hearted... electronic adventures of the seriously twisted kind... hypnotic in an ugly kind of way, a bit like the way you can't tear your eyes away from a serious accident" (Mixmag)

"...combine the fury of Aphex with a twisted funk-rock jam. Trip-hop's answer to Led Zep " (NME)

" Startling debut of growling, fucked-up feedback dementia from the brilliant Italian low-end extremists" (i-D)

"Takes the concept of metal-funk to ultra-intense extremes... more demanding than a Baader-Meinhof ransom note " (Muzik)

From the original press release:

Based in Rome, Stefano Curti and Mauro Ruvolo make music that goes right against the grain. Earlier on, Stefano and Mauro were releasing obscure experimental tracks on their own Vibraphone label, at a time when Italy was up to its eyeballs in cheesy screamers.
One listen to this long player and you soon get the picture. This is music that cuts through the corporate handbag shite with a sharp knife, and makes you realize that you haven’t heard it all before. Bio Muse are pushing back the boundaries, and trying to do something new.


BIO MUSE - Wrong X
Wrong X
BIO MUSE - Sine God Ep
Sine God Ep