"Kaloli Recycled EP"

After the long corona-induced hiatus which followed the release of Kalolithe breathtaking debut album by the Anglo-Ugandan band, Nihiloxica join forces with some of the UK scene’s most unique purveyors of bass for the band’s first ever remixes. Now, as clubs begin to reopen and the band prepares to tour once again, these five tracks redirect the densely percussive and synthetic sonic territory of the band’s debut album Kaloli into club-friendly ammunition for the recently re-employed DJs of the world.

Starting things off on a more plaintive note, Bristol’s Giant Swan take Tewali Sukali and shape it into dark, vocal infused, almost gqom sounding stepper. Taking things up a notch, Nihiloxica synth man pq teams up with Spooky Shit partner Ekhe to raise some hands into the air by whipping a trance infused 160 stepper out of Black Kaveera. Next up, Timedance regular Metrist works the sound design magic we know and love him for and spins Gunjula into a quintessentially twist-n-turning halftime dnb missile. Nihiloxica drumkit master Spooky-J focuses his rhythmic lens on the percs in his aptly named drum appreciation fix, holding down four on the floor duties by smudging Busoga into a warped kuduro-esque stormer. Finally, saving the heaviest til last, BFTT injects a whole slathering of swamped-out sub bass energy into Bwola to birth a colossal dancehall-tinged club destruction tool.

1. Tewali Sukali - Giant Swan Remix
2. Black Kaveera - pq & Ekhe's Recycle
3. Gunjula - Metrist Remix
4. Busoga - Spooky-J’s Drum Appreciation Fix
5. Bwola - BFTT’s Swamped Edit 

"KALOLI RECYCLED EP” is out on all digital platforms on October 8


NIHILOXICA - Kaloli Recycled EP
Kaloli Recycled EP