"The Skyline EP"

Skyline Drive, the leading track of The Skyline EP, was originally intended for Stubbleman’s acclaimed debut Mountains and Plains [released in 2019 on Crammed Discs’ Made To Measure composers’ series], an album inspired by a road trip across the USA. It recalls the resplendent fall colours: the blazing oaks, birches, poplars and maples along Skyline Drive, the road that snakes its way across the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, floating high above the Shenandoah valley.

Initially selected for a 4D sound compilation which never saw the light of day, this mesmerising overlooked gem is now finally released on a digital EP, alongside the legendary Barry Adamson’s dark and brooding remix of Badlands Train, with Taos Twilight moodily transformed by Erased Tapes artist and Brandt Brauer Frick member Daniel Brandt, and closing with Microcorps’ Alexander Tucker’s ethereal and contemplative treatment of Piety Wharf.

These last three tracks complete a series of seven remixes spawned by Mountains and Plains (following those by Simon Fisher Turner, Aksak Maboul, Penelope Trappes and Miss Kittin).

1. Skyline Drive
2. Badlands Train - Barry Adamson Remix
3. Taos Twilight - Daniel Brandt Remix
4. Piety Wharf - Alexander Tucker Remix


The Skyline EP
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