"Rare Early SSR Electronica EP"

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As the Crammed Discs label turns 42 this year, we’re using the opportunity of this not-round figure to turn the spotlight on certain folds of our catalogue which have now somewhat receded into the shade. We’ll be rediscovering some electronic music trends we explored during the ’80s and ‘90s by digitally releasing around 250 tracks which only ever came out on vinyl (or on now-deleted CDs). These digital reissues will be rolled out over the next 18 months (see details at the bottom).

We’re be introducing the series with an appetizer: the Rare Early SSR Electronica EP, containing five tracks which depict the inception of our SSR electronic music imprint, in the late ‘80s. 

Rare Early SSR Electronica EP,: OUT MAY 27 - available HERE

The story in a nutshell: as soon as the first wave of Detroit techno hit Europe, and playful, sample-based electronic dance music started emerging in the UK, we were excited by these new combinations of sounds, and started our SSR division in 1988. These early days of SSR saw the advent of a Belgian-Norwegian axis, when a handful of young Norwegian musicians & producers came to Brussels (in connection with Bel Canto, the electro pop band then signed to Crammed), and rubbed shoulders with central Crammed Discs figures such as Minimal Compact singer Samy Birnbach (later known as DJ Morpheus), label boss Marc Hollander, and Vincent Kenis (Marc’s former associate in Aksak Maboul). A series of hybrid electronic EPs were spawned, blending early techno stylings with flavours from around the world.

SSR (and sister sub-labels Language and Selector) would then go on to release over sixty albums and dozens of EPs, exploring a variety of styles (from house and techno to downtempo, ambient, broken beats, drum’n’bass and hip-hop), with artists including Carl Craig, Snooze, Juryman aka Ian Simmonds, DJ Spinna, 4hero and Tek 9, Bleep aka Biosphere, Telex, DJ Morpheus and many more.

>>> Here are the tracks comprised in the EP <<<

Hallucination Generation by The Gruesome Twosome
The GT were an outfit formed by Samy Birnbach/Morpheus with Norwegian techno whiz kid Per Martinsen, and later joined by Bertrand Burgalat. This track -as well as the Mr Big Mouse track mentioned below- enjoyed considerable club success in the US, where they made it into mainstream and underground charts, from Billboard to Rockpool etc.
Watch the vintage music video: https://youtu.be/XixYWPrNHsk

A Byte of AMC by Bleep  
Bleep aka Geir Jenssen was a member of Bel Canto. After several EPs and a debut solo album on SSR (as Bleep), he went on to become a leading ambient electronic composer under his Biosphere moniker. This track pays tribute to Manchester hip hop duo Kiss AMC and their cheeky track “A Bit of U2”… and also includes an -authorized- sample from the Sussan Deyhim/Richard Horowitz album “Desert Equations” (recently reissued by Crammed). Noteworthy fact: the debut singles by Geir Jenssen and Per Martinsen on SSR are considered as the first Norwegian techno tracks ever.
Watch the vintage music video: https://youtu.be/KmDq-5H1-VU

Drop That Ghetto Blaster by Mr Big Mouse feat. Karen Finley
Mr BM were none other than Crammed’s Vincent Kenis & Marc Hollander, and this number was conceived as an ‘answer track’ to the hit single Theme from S’Express (and to several other tracks) which had made extensive use of vocals by provocative NY performance  artist Karen Finley  (lifted from her ‘Tales of Taboo EP’, released by Crammed in 1986).

Danger by Alegria
This was the debut release by Bjorn Torske who, alongside the aforementioned Per Martinsen, is one of the godfathers of Norwegian techno. Danger came out as part of the T.O.S. EPs, which laid the foundations for what later became a vibrant electronic music scene, with the likes of Todd Terje, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, Röyksopp et al.

Security by Farida International
A track created by Mr Big Mouse aka Kenis & Hollander from elements of a song by Middle Eastern rock band Foreign Affair (a Minimal Compact splinter group) and from a bunch of other things.

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Rare Early SSR Electronica EP
CRAMMED ARCHIVES 1 - RARE SSR ELECTRONICA 1989-94 - Rare SSR Electronica 88-94
Rare SSR Electronica 88-94