Stubbleman is the alter-ego of maverick composer and producer Pascal Gabriel.

From humble beginnings in a Belgian punk band, Pascal moved to London in 1979 to form a string of art-school experimental bands, until he discovered the joys of the recording studio and gained recognition as an innovative producer & songwriter. 

Initially known for landmark dance hits "Theme from S'Express" and "Beat Dis", he has since composed with, produced and mixed a huge spectrum of artists including Dido, Kylie Minogue, Inspiral Carpets, Can, Bebel Gilberto, Miss Kittin, Wire, Ladyhawke ...


STUBBLEMAN "Great River Road" (Miss Kittin Remix)

Here’s the fourth release in a series of reinterpretations of tracks from the acclaimed electronic ambient album “Mountains and Plains” by Stubbleman (aka renowned producer Pascal Gabriel).

Legendary French electroclash DJ/producer Miss Kittin has created an instant classic: a punchy club track which retains the evocative atmosphere of the original, overlaid with her iconic vocals.

This rework of Great River Road, exploring the path of the Mississippi as it meanders south from state to state, was made in January 2020 and somehow signals a poignant foreboding of the dark times to come.

More Stubbleman remixes by remarkable collaborators coming up soon, expect more surprises..

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