Nihiloxica is a project that harnesses the full force of the ancient Bugandan drumming tradition of Uganda and focuses it on the contemporary dance floor through a dark lens of techno sensibility.

Formed by UK musicians Spooky-J & pq and members of the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, incubated in Kampala by acclaimed label Nyege Nyege Tapes, the cross-continental band explore the common ground between techno and tradition, a conversation between two cultures with a common aim: to make people dance.  

Already tearing ...



Ahead of their debut album, "Kaloli"(out June 12th), Kampala’s afro-electro outfit present the latest blistering music video

The music video for Black Kaveera is like an optical fever dream. A dizzying collage of incidental tour footage smashed together by drummer Spooky-J harnesses the band‚Äôs brutal live energy.   

In typical lockdown fashion, Spooky looks to the past for inspiration for this piece. Elaborating the sentiments of their DIY, strobe-filled video for Kadodi, he condenses a range of footage captured by the band in their few years on the road across Europe and Uganda into a hallucinatory five minute evocation of the band’s entrancing multi-cultural energy. But Black Kaveera is much more than a just a pummelling groove: Black Kaveera is an ode to the Ugandan way, a wordless story of use and refuse.
An immediacy is apparent in its structure, an urgent call to act, to move. Nihiloxica put two traditions in conversation, and the topic of discussion is getting heated.

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