Kasai Allstars is a collective which regoups members from several other bands, including Masanka Sankayi and Basokin. They all originate from Kasai (a Congolese province of the size of France), but come from very diverse musical traditions, such as the Luba and the Lulua, which were thought to be incompatible until these musicians decide to put their resources together and form this "supergroup".

After recording several tracks for the Congotronics 2 album ("Buzz'n'Rumble from the Urb'n'Jungle"), Kasai Allstars went on to record and release the ...


KASAI ALLSTARS on a rare European festival tour, summer 2015

Kinshasa DRC's wildest band, the mythical KASAI ALLSTARS collective, are playing a 9-date festival tour in Europe in June/July 2015, including appearances at Glastonbury and Roskilde.

They last visited Europe in 2011 as part of the Congotronics vs Rockers supergroup (with Konono No.1, Deerhoof, Juana Molina et al), in which they played a central role and made a big impression.

This time, they'll be performing with a 12-piece line-up (including electric bass and a drummer), adding a rockier foundation to their mesmerizing Congolese trance music.

Revered by avant-indie rock, electronic & hip hop musicians* & aficionados worldwide, Kasai Allstars blend traditional instruments, electrified thumb pianos and electric guitars, exhilarating vocals, mindblowing polyrhythmics and spectacular dancing, drawn from ritual music which used to be be played in the bush, before being banned decades ago. 

Their latest album, "Beware The Fetish" (Congotronics/Crammed) featured among the 'best of 2014' lists in magazines such as Mojo, Q, Uncut & more

Be sure to catch their raw, intense performances at one of the following festivals:

26/06   Glastonbury (UK)
01/07   Clandestino (Sweden)
02/07   Roskilde (DK)
04/07   Couleur Café (BE)
05/07   Hertme (NL)
10/07   North Sea Jazz (NL)
17/07   Colors of Ostrava (CZ)  
18/07   Walthamstow Garden Party, London (UK)  
19/07   Paris (FR) - Fondation Cartier

* Saul WIlliams, Questlove, Animal Collective and Björk count among their fans

Arresting… not quite like anything else (Pitchfork, US)

Exhilarating… headspinning (Wire Magazine, UK)

Bewitching (Q, UK)

Some of the wildest and most unusual sounds on the planet… (The Guardian, UK)

This is rock sucked back to the continent of its birth to be granted a glorious resurrection  (Word, UK)

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KASAI ALLSTARS - Beware the Fetish
Beware the Fetish
KASAI ALLSTARS - In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into...
In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into...
KASAI ALLSTARS - Buzz'n'Rumble From The Urb'n'Jungle
Buzz'n'Rumble From The Urb'n'Jungle
KASAI ALLSTARS - Around Felicite
Around Felicite

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