"The Man In The Shadow"
1. The Snooze Theme
2. So Close & Yet So Far
4. Before Sunrise
5. Tribute To Horace
6. Killer With a Gun
7. Pretty Good Privacy

Snooze's first two EPs "The Chase" and "Middle Class Lady"  established him as one of the most promising and original new acts arising from the vibrant Parisian abstract dance scene (also home to La Funk Mob, The Mighty Bop, DJ Cam, Dimitri, St Germain...).

They were promptly followed by  his debut album "The Man In The Shadow", which became an instant classic and set the standard for cinematic downtempo electronic music.

There's slo & fast breakbeats, majestic strings, touches of fake film noir jazz, and a couple of instant classic songs, respectively featuring crystalline vocals by Nancy Danino and vibrant wails by Horace Andy.

Also included is Fila Brazillia's remix of "The Chase".

From the UK press:

"Classy" (NME) 

"Stoned perfection". 9/10" (DJ)

"An overall pleasure from start to finish" (Wax)

"A beautifully assembled feast of polished sophistication. Sheer class." (Vox)

"Snooze's debut album oozes cinematic widescreen appeal, meshing lazy breakbeats with laconic melodies and nostalgic 70 mm charm. Dreamy." (Muzik)

"An exceptionally visual sound, the Snooze sonics lock into that part of your brain marked nostalgia, and takes you through looped re-runs of every episode of every scene you've ever starred in" (Melody Maker)


SNOOZE - Goingmobile
SNOOZE - The Man In The Shadow
The Man In The Shadow
SNOOZE - Good Morning As Usual
Good Morning As Usual
SNOOZE - Quiet Alone
Quiet Alone