"Miscellaneous: The Second Edition"

With the release of this second volume, "Miscellaneous" looks more and more like the notebook of a modern Dr Livingstone in the jungle of electronic avant-dance, a kind of yearly "Explorer Series", every volume of which presents a whole new batch of fresh, exciting new artists."Miscellaneous the 2nd" features exclusive tracks by Phume, Decal, Buckfunk 3000, Phluide, Isis, Elixir, Nad, Skew and Wrap, Occupiers, Mr Foster, Deform etc.

Language's inaugural release was a challenge in itself: the first "Miscellaneous 1" was a compilation which featured exclusive tracks by twelve new, cutting-edge artists, and clearly defined the label's sonic agenda: experimentation + innovation + breaking down categories.

And now: The Sequel. Despite countless hitches, missing DAT's and calls of sabotage, Language now releases the second "Miscellaneous" instalment, after a year of outstanding musical output.

Miscellaneous The Second track by track

1- Nad - Infinitesimal

The return of one of the originals. Mustafa Ali first came to attention with Nad's pivotal "Dance of a New Age LP" on BPM in 1990, before releasing two classics as Epoch 90 with "VLSI Heaven" and "Last Night Of the World" on Oh Zone Records. After coming thoroughly disenchanted with the record industry, he took time out from recording countless bedroom demos to study a PHD in Computational Philosophy. The motivating force behind Nad's work is Islam, Mustafa Ali sees the musical canvas as a platform for expressing his social, political, economic, philosophical and other views. Approached by Language in 1995, Nad was reformed and Ali is currently re-recording "Distant Drums", a new EP, and is working on a forthcoming album: "Like a Phoenix Rising from a Flame".

2- Mr Foster - Miracle Tonic

John Peter Foster was brought up in Co. Durham, and studied microbiology at Newcastle University. After a stint of building work, John did a music technology course and became one of the members of Hidden Agenda working for Goldie's Metalheadz.

3- Bermuda Triangle - Ghost Submarine

"The project is formed by two members of the Vibraphone team, Mauro Tannino and Stefano di Carlo. Their first release as Bermuda Triangle was in 1993 - an EP of six tracks of which 'Freya' was licensed to R&S's 'In Order To Dance 5'. Ciao."

4- The Occupiers - Sniper

The Occupiers are 21 year old Tony Wilson and 19 year old Joe Gray. Tony's first released output was a track featured on the compilation 'Invisible Soundtracks Volume 1' on Leaf, alongside tracks from Being, Gescom and Mark Clifford's Disjecta project. Joe also recorded for Leaf, releasing an experimental three track drum 'n' bass EP last November and has two collaborations with DJ Search coming on new drum 'n' bass labels Flavour Vinyl and Celluloid. This is the second Occupiers release, after making their debut with 'Odessa' on the second Lo Recordings compilation entitled 'Collaborations'.

5- Steve C - Waiting Wall

"Steve C's musical past spans two decades, moving to London to take up Beach Boy Adrian Baker's offer of production for a potential deal with Phonogram. The deal fell through, Steve returned to York and has spent the last five years turning a dream into reality - developing Finsbury Park Studios with the help of wizard engineer John Dalby (GPR) and Tim 'Germ' Wright. Steve recently recorder for GPR as Magnet on the "Equanimity" compilation and now makes his debut to Language."

6- Phume - We R Walkin'

At this time we are happy to introduce to you the harmonic convergence of entity Tom W and entity Dave C. Tom W has spent years as a drummer and the last three as a programmer with jungle releases on Certificate 18 (as Klute), Octopus and Deep Red. Dave C has worked under a variety of guises, recording as Ubik, Kibu, HI-Ryze and Autonation. Their combined energies are now known as Phume - a project to seed in the mind of the listener a new vibration in concert with the changing tunes (check their stunning track on the 'Freezone 3' compilation, their remix of a Harold Budd/Hector Zazou track, and their excellent debut 12" 'Freefall', out on Crammed drum 'n' bass subsidiary Selector).

7- Buckfunk 3000 - Alpha Beta Gamma

Buckfunk 3000 is future funk for space cadets. Coming from the depths of zone 5 on the Language imprint, 'Buckfunk 3000' is produced by Simon Begg whose previous work has taken him from experimental work with Cabbage Head to the hard techno funk of Mosquito Recordings, which he runs with Christian Vogel. Using low tech analogue fused with high-tech digital, Buckfunk 3000 hope to create a music of unrestricted genre and sound (check their manic debut 12" 'Modulation / Goodbye / Lifetime' out now on Language)

8- Skrew and Wrap - Why We Feel So Uncomfortable About The Future

"Skrew and Wrap came into being in late May 1995. Dan Ibbotson and Alan Bryden are both final year students at Glasgow School of Art, and hoping for some sort of career that doesn't involve serving fast food. Look out for Spectral Electronics on Clear at some point in the future, and more of their rather infrequent live shows."

9 - No Sleep - Earth Hum

"From '88 producer/engineer "No Sleep" Nigel has been busy on the British hip-hop scene, working with many of the artists who have helped to shape the sound in both Britain and Europe - Artists like Blade, London Posse, Gunshot and Q-Tee to name a few. Now the time has come for Nigel to take things further, to be featured not only in his usual role as producer but as a performer in his own right."

10- Elixir - March Of Osiris

A difference in musical taste and background drove Martin Stovey, Steve Jones and Richard Pushong to form Elixir in late 1995. They have created a sinister hybrid of otherwise incompatible musical styles, the fusing of Martin's time spent in various hip hop crews around London and Steve and Richard's indoctrination in a couple of experimental low-fi guitar bands gigging around the capital. It's a heady mix that's picking up play from Giles Peterson on Kiss FM.

11- Decal - 80's Funky

Decal are a one year old electronic band from Dublin, consisting of an alarm installer and a failed child athlete. In Ireland they gig regularly, run music workshops in primary schools and write television signature tunes. Now ready to step things up a level, they have set the ball rolling by recording their first ever vinyl release for Language.

12- Phluide - Quagga

"Phluide are a duo that started in '92 using Aifen waves - waves moving transversely across a magnetic field in a plasma, before processing to experimenting with velocity dispersion using random subharmonic particles. Phluide are currently working on libration electrodynamics". Quite.

13 - Isis - Zeitgeist

"The unit called Isis was formed by three Japanese boys. Our work was created from the basic concept of 'Music from Far East Europe'. 'Zeitgeist' was created by using symbolic fragmentation thereby showing the difference between Eastern and Western culture. It's a type of jigsaw puzzle". "Sayonara".

14 - Deform - Uncitizen

"Andy Findley describes himself as a sound palette. A sculptor and multi-instrumentalist, his work is a divorced and direct In Construction. Founder member of industrial noise poets Your Closest Enemy as well as composer of soundtracks for theatre and film installations as Mono Foundation, this is his first release as Deform - the music for a camouflaged soul".


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