1. Bassline
2. Oyl
3. Itsu
4. The Fall
6. Brightlights
7. Keep On Target

As imaginative and unpredictable as always, CIBELLE pairs up with mysterious UK producer Klose for her 4th album, in which she journeys back to her electronic roots for a fascinating excursion in retrofuturist dance music, orbiting somewhere between mutant R'n'B Garage pop and an as-yet-unheard-of strain of abstract electronica overflowing with hooks.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Cibelle is a Londoner, having been based there for 11 years. Her three albums to date, each deliberately different from the previous one, have positioned her as one of the most original and exciting personalities of these last few years. Her constantly evolving creative output has repeatedly turned out to be a source of musical & visual inspiration for many young bands & artists. ∆UNBINDING∆ is a new demonstration of Cibelle's quasi-prescient gift for capturing the spirit of times to come.

We wanted to explore silence as thoroughly as rhythm and to explore alternative approaches to song structure.  To create a stark, impersonal yet human world replete with contrast and contradiction.
Cibelle & Klose
Dance music brings people together, To unbind means to let go. Let go of division: on the dancefloor and on the street, we move as one. These bones are nothing, the secret is inside your flow with the peace in your thoughts, listening to the silence within. This is for change, letting go for change to come about.

Lyrically, I started from my own most earthly processes: letting go, not getting attached to human relations and all types of love, as they happen, fade away and transform. Realizing how one's actions are reflected in one's surroundings, and moving towards the state of a vessel, a mere messenger for these informations encoded in silence, and on to being an instigator for these processes all around, by surrendering to the sounds to facilitate an inward journey to that place where we are all one. It's all about silence, to shake up to wake up.

I experimented with formant pitching and other extreme forms of vocal processing. Sonically, there is an emphasis on texture and a severe juxtaposition of wet and dry. I felt that Cibelle's vocal performances as a live artist were far more impressive than anything she had recorded and wanted to do justice to her voice by capturing uninhibited performances via a luxurious signal chain. I also deliberately sought to preserve and advertise the weakness in the music's rendering to bind the listener to the artist in the same way as a genuine loving relationship elicits tenderness based primarily on the appreciation of imperfection.


CIBELLE - Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel
Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel
CIBELLE - The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves
The Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves
CIBELLE - Cibelle
CIBELLE - Man From Mars
Man From Mars