"Uma Batida Differente"
1. Bom Dia Tio (Posto 6)
2. Samba Da Minha Terra (feat. Zuco 103)
3. Essa Moça Ta Diferente (feat. Simoninha)
4. Previsão (feat. Adriana Calcanhoto)
5. Vai Levando (feat. Trio Mocotó)
6. Just A Samba (feat. Celso Fonseca)
7. Queria (feat. Marcos Valle)

UMA BATIDA DIFERENTE ("A Different Beat") is Bossacucanova's third and most accomplished album for the Ziriguiboom / Crammed Discs label to date.

In these new musical adventures, DJ Dalua, Marcio Menescal and Alexandre Moreira successfully pursue the mission they had started with "Revisited Classics" (1998) and "Brasilidade" (2001): updating the classic samba and bossa nova sound and bringing it to today's audiences. On UMA BATIDA DIFERENTE, voices, beats, cellos, acoustic guitars and samples co-exist seamlessly in perfect harmony.

Produced, performed and recorded in Rio de Janeiro by the trio during the first half of 2004, UMA BATIDA DIFERENTE is at the same time a classic Brazilian album and a big departure into the future. The overall sound and the feel are more relaxed and organic than ever, but the beats and melodies are guaranteed to shake any dance floor around the world.

Following in the footsteps of their previous works, an incredible array of special guests is at hand to enhance the Bossacucanova sound and vision. From the classic sound of key figures from the original bossa nova generation such as guitarist/songwriter  Roberto Menescal (Bossacucanova's Marcio's own father) and Marcos Valle  to the ultramodern beats and production of Amsterdam's Zuco 103 (on Dorival Caymmi's standard "Samba Da Minha Terra").

The album also features the samba soul grooves and vocals of  Trio Mocotó  (on Chico Buarque's 70s classic "Vai Levando") and a rare appearance by the amazing Orlann Divo (on his evergreen tune "Onde Anda Meu Amor", also featuring the great Bebeto on guitar). Also present are a couple members of the new generation of acclaimed singer/songwriters : Celso Fonseca and Adriana Calcanhoto (on "Just a Samba" and "Previsão" respectively).

The new sound of the São Paulo scene is represented by Wilson Simoninha's charming funky vocals (on an updated version of Chico Buarque's "Essa Moça Tá Diferente"). Last but not least is regular Bossacucanova collaborator Cris Delano, whose vocals grace three tracks.

UMA BATIDA DIFERENTE is the culmination of years of research and love for the past, the present, and the future of Brazilian music.


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BOSSACUCANOVA - Uma Batida Differente
Uma Batida Differente
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