"Falta Muito? EP"

Following up on the spring 2021 release of their debut album on Crammed Discs, the fictional extra-terrestrial  duo are dropping the Falta Muito? EP, consisting of tracks culled from the album.

The title track was created in collaboration with South African artist Spoek Mathambo.

Next comes a remix by Lagos/London artist Ekiti Sound, who reinterprets elements from Vai de c@n@  in a deep, bass-heavy context. Track 3 is the Ekiti Sound Dub of the same remix.

We are then treated to a rework of Makumba by Sunken Cages, aka Indian-born, New You based producer/drummer Ravish Momin, who explains that he wanted to “channel inspirations from Alice Coltrane and rhythmic heat from the streets of Mumbai, Durban and Chicago”.

The EP is rounded off with a hypnotic  instrumental version of Quarantena.

IKOQWE stems from the reunion of two old friends: ‘Coqwe’ is interpreted by Pedro Coquenão, also known as Batida (the Angola-born, Lisbon-raised artist who ranks among the leading exponents of the new wave of African artists), while ’Iko’ is interpreted by Luaty Beirão, aka Ikonoklasta, the Angolan rapper turned iconic activist.

After a ‘radio tour’ for which Ikoqwe created special shows (entitled Bulubulu FM ) for a dozen radios around the planet, IKOQWE have recently appeared on Live At Home, on mythical Seattle station KEXP, for which Batida created a brilliant 20-min film.

1. Falta Muito? feat. Spoek Mathambo
2. Vai de C@n@ - Ekiti Sound Remix
3. Vai de C@n@ - Ekiti Sound Dub
4. Makumba - Sunken Cages Remix
5. Quarantena (instrumental)

From the press on IKOQWE’s debut album, The Beginning, The Medium, The End and The Infinite

Bursting with ideas and fizzing with insurgent energy. Beirão spits fire, inventive flows turning the layered density of the production to good account (The Wire Magazine, UK)

Let’s move the furniture and dance… Ikoqwe start up a fire which warms hips and lights up heads  (Libération, FR)

A magnetic blend of hip hop, electronic music and traditional Angolan sound (KEXP, US)

Dystopian Afrofuturism. Though their music and visuals are different, one is tempted to recognize a similarity with Detroit collective Underground Resistance. (ByteFM, DE)

They multiply experiments by blending drum machines, samples, and lyrics denouncing neocolonialism, injustice and falsified history. Stimulating. (Le Monde, FR)

A sublime debut… high energy grounded in heady wit…  fascinating sonic stories with unique aplomb (Pop Matters, US)

The 11 tracks across the album confront topics like neocolonialism, iniquities and falsified history and utopian solutions.The music matches the power of the lyricism. (Ransom Note, UK)

Like some Sun Ra born in the electronic music scene… deconstructing politics and playing with sci-fi tropes. Beautifully audacious (Toute la Culture, FR)

Batida apresenta IKOQWE - Falta Muito? EP  out on  all digital platforms October 19th


Falta Muito? EP
BATIDA APRESENTA IKOQWE  - The Beginning, The Medium, The End And The Infinite
The Beginning, The Medium, The End And The Infinite