"Samba Do Gringo Paulista"

The first handful of white labels of this slammin' 12 are already generating much excitement ! These 3 incredible mixes by ZERO dB and BIGGA BUSH will most certainly rule the Brazilian/house/breaks floors and will help everyone glide smoothly into the autumn...

Here's how Suba explained the title of this track (which translates as "The Gringo of São Paulo"):
"Life in São Paulo is fast, crazy and dangerous, as reality changes constantly... Here, they call me Gringo Paulista. I've been in this city for ten years, and it already feels like I've lived several, parallel Paulista lives..."

Ex-Rockers Hi-Fi member BIGGA BUSH (currently working on his Lightning Head album) gives "Samba do Gringo Paulista" an amazing percussive= - electro - house - acid treatment, while up-and-coming dancefloor scientists ZERO dB (who have recently done remixes for Kruder's Peace Orchestra and Trüby Trio, and who run their own Fluid Ounce label) have enlisted the talents of singer Monica Vasconcelos and assorted musicians to create an awesome, epic tribute to Suba & to his city of adoption ("This city is Brazil, and Brazil is the whole world, this city is São Paulo, Brazil", goes the vocal line).

This is the third remix 12" taken from Suba's wonderful and already-classic album "São Paulo Confessions". As you may remember, Suba is the Serbian-born, Brazilian genius who produced the massively successful (yet tasteful, a rare achievement...) debut album by Bebel Gilberto, and who died tragically in a fire at the end of '99, just before his own album was released.

Ziriguiboom/Crammed are currently putting together a Suba tribute album (featuring remixes and collaborations), which will come out early next year.


We have received a great initial response to this release. As you can see from the comments below a number of 'taste makers' are already in support and we are hopeful of confirming much more radio support over the coming weeks. The DJs are noting "strong" or "excellent" reactions from their dancefloors and we expect the buzz on this release to build.

DJ COMMENTS - Positive

Tom Findley / Groove Armada (Fabric - London)
"Quirky and splendid."

Mr Scruff (Various - Worldwide)
"Party time!!"

Ashley Beedle (Various - Worldwide)
"Love it!"

Luke Soloman (Space/Various - London/Worldwide)
"In the box!"

Jimbo/Raw Deal (Groove Sanctuary/Various - London)
"I like this kinda Latin vibe."

Jason Holmes (Fat City - Manchester)
"This will cause a massive reaction on the dancefloor this weekend. Zero DB remix comes out on top."

Mr Morgan (Electrics/Various - Manchester/UK)
"This blows them apart, one of the records of the year! Absolute bomb!!"

Tutto Matto (Various - Worldwide)
"Great dancefloor stormer, it rocked at the Carling weekender."

Patrick Duvoisin (Cargo/Various - London)
"Excellent!! Floor filler."

DJ COMMENTS - Negative

Patrick Forge (Kiss 100/Various - UK/Worldwide)
"Like aspects of this but I am not convinced."


SUBA - Tributo
SUBA - São Paulo Confessions
São Paulo Confessions
SUBA - Samba Do Gringo Paulista
Samba Do Gringo Paulista
SUBA - Felicidade