"Tales Of High Fever"
1. Treasure
2. Peregrino
3. Get Urself 2gether
4. Brief Passions
5. Curso De Reclamacao – Lição 1
6. Bob
7. Voltando

Ever since the release of their debut album 'Outro Lado', the music of Zuco 103 has been acclaimed as one of the most exciting mixtures of electronic and Brazilian music.

They continue to push musical boundaries with this fantastic second album which draws its inspiration from traditional Brazilian rhythms and melodies, R'n'B, electronic beats, jazz & afro-beat, and manages to be simultaneously sophisticated and explosive, danceable and listenable, silky and angular, innovative and catchy...

The borders are getting blurred, cultures that initially were miles apart are merging, bouncing off each other and growing richer in the process. Zuco 103 are at the vanguard of this new generation of artists who are musically and ethnically multicultural, and who successfully blend elements of so-called world music with the most contemporary, Western sounds, and are therefore crossing over to an increasingly wide audience. While these mixtures are more often than never artificial or collage-like, Zuco's own blend has developed in an organic way, thanks to the band members' inventiveness, and to the intimate understanding of rhythms and melodies which they had acquired prior to forming the band. Stefan K & Stefan S were excellent jazz musicians before plunging headlong into electronics, asserting their uniquely personal style and working method which combines the use of live jams, traditional composing/arranging skills, programming and sampling. As for the effervescent Lilian Vieira, she provides her in-depth knowledge of the multiple rich traditions of Brazilian music and, as a natural performer and melodist, she is the binder of the band.


ZUCO 103 - Whaa!
ZUCO 103
ZUCO 103 - One Down, One Up
ZUCO 103
One Down, One Up
ZUCO 103 - Tales Of High Fever
ZUCO 103
Tales Of High Fever
ZUCO 103 - The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)
ZUCO 103
The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)