"The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)"

Ever since the release of their 'Outro Lado' album, Zuco 103 have been acclaimed as the heralds of electro/Brazilian fusion. Their brilliant mix of live+electronic rhythms, fronted by the extraordinary voice and presence of Lilian Vieira, have been setting audiences on fire accross Europe.

To hang on till the release of their new CD - scheduled for February 2002 - here is an interlude album (whose title translates as 'the other side of the other side'), featuring re-readings of tracks from their first album by an interesting collection of remixers from the UK, France and Brazil.

In addition to the remixes, "The Other Side" also includes:

 a totally re-recorded version of 'Zabumba No Mar' featuring the entire brass section (six horn players) from jazz band The New Cool Collective, as well as bass player Has Bangert and percussionist Claus Toft (who are part of Zuco 103's live line-up),

 and a live version of 'Outro Lado' recorded by Dutch television at the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam, in which Zuco 103 are joined by a children's choir, a batucada band (Medicamento), and by the mythical Airto Moreira, Brazil's most famous percussionist (known for his collaborations with Miles Davis, Chick Corea, etc...).

A video for the World of Apples mix of 'Gravata Florida' is being completed... expect to find it online soon.

Among the remixers are:

 World of Apples : aka Maas, aka the excellent Ewan Pearson, whose new album has just been released on Soma.

 Bossacucanova : three young Brazilians who, like Zuco 103, are part of the Ziriguiboom/Crammed roster, and whose new album 'Brasilidade' just came out in March.

 Funky Lowlives : these two young producers from London who specialise in refined, percussive latin house have completed numerous remixes (for Masters at Work amongst others), and are about to release an EP on G-Stone. Here they deliver their very first downtempo mix.

 Charles Webster : known for his deep house productions under various monikers such as Love From San Francisco or the Presence project with Shara Nelson.

 United Grooves Collective : a jumping 2 Step collective from London.

 Dawa & Bast : rumour has it that one or more members of French collective Zimpala are hiding behind this mysterious alias.

 London Elektricity : these two Londoners put out a sophisticated brand of drum'n'bass on their Hospital label (one of their recent releases features vocals by Robert Owens), and have remixed Nitin Sawhney, Headhunters, UFO, etc.

 DJ Git Hyper (the brilliant hip hop DJ who takes turns with Kid Sublime behind the decks in Zuco's liive line-up) and Zuco's own Stefan Schmid have teamed up to produce a dense remix for this album.

 Maurice Fulton : the madcap US producer has come up with a wild remix of the track 'Brazilectro', which is bound to create serious dancefloor damage. This mix will only be available on vinyl (on the "4-Way EP", which will include 3 other remixes from this album).


ZUCO 103 - Whaa!
ZUCO 103
ZUCO 103 - One Down, One Up
ZUCO 103
One Down, One Up
ZUCO 103 - Tales Of High Fever
ZUCO 103
Tales Of High Fever
ZUCO 103 - The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)
ZUCO 103
The Other Side Of Outro Lado (remixes)